Reliable Plaza
  • Solar photovoltaic panels on the roof help create up to 32 kW of power – a renewable source of electricity – and prevent heat absorption by the building’s flat surfaces.
  • Daylight harvesting maximizes the use of natural light throughout the day.
  • Light pollution is reduced by keeping parking and other exterior lighting to the minimum needed for safety and comfort of employees and customers.
  • Water efficient landscaping uses drought-resistant plants and xeriscaping techniques to reduce water needed by traditional landscaping by 50 percent.
  • High efficiency glass allows a maximum amount of sunlight into work areas, reducing the need for artificial lighting and the associated heat generated by the lighting system.High Efficiency Glass
  • Solar water heating via rooftop panels heats water without electricity and helps prevent heat absorption.
  • Highly reflective roofing material helps prevent heat absorption by the building’s flat surfaces.
  • Water collection cistern holds rain water and condensate water for landscaping and other non-potable uses.
  • Recycled or repurposed materials are incorporated throughout the building.
  • Covered parking reduces heat absorption.
  • Bicycle racks for customers and employees.
  • Vertical and horizontal shading allows sunlight in while limiting glare and solar gain.
  • Preferred parking for fuel efficient vehicles such as hybrids.
  • Solar Charging Station
  • Optimal site placement avoids wetlands, undeveloped lakeside sites, farm lands or any other area prohibited by LEED certification.

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