• Coal is conveyed from an external stack, ground to a very fine powder by large pulverizers and mixed with preheated air.
  • The steam is piped to the high-pressure turbine, where it is reduced in both pressure and temperature before being returned to the boiler reheater.
  • The three-phase electrical generator generates an intermediate level voltage (typically 20-25 kV), which is then stepped up by a unit transformer to a voltage more suitable for transmission (typically 250-500 kV) and is sent out onto the transmission system.
  • The exiting steam, now a little above its boiling point, is brought into contact with cold water (pumped in from the cooling tower) in the condenser, where it condenses rapidly back into water.
  • The feed pump passed the condensed water through a de-aerator, and pre-warmed before being returned to the boiler drum.
  • The cooling tower acts like a chimney as the warm air rises to the top and draws cool air in the bottom.
  • The warmed circulating water passes through the pipes and is pumped to the cooling tower where its cooled and returned to the condenser.
  • Pumps the water from the makeup pond to the cooling tower.
  • Exhaust gas from the boiler is drawn through an electrostatic precipitator— a highly efficient filtration device that removes particles from the gas — and then into the scrubber to remove sulfur dioxide (SO2) before it is vented through the chimney stack.
  • The hot air-fuel mixture is forced into the boiler where it rapidly ignites.
  • Water of a high purity flows vertically up the tube-lined walls of the boiler, where it turns into steam, and is passed to the boiler drum, where steam is separated from any remaining water.
  • The cooling water from the condenser is sprayed inside a cooling tower, creating a highly visible plume of water vapor, before being pumped back to the condenser in the cooling water cycle.

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