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    Electricity flows from a power plant through high-voltage transmission lines.
  • 2
    At substations, transformers reduce voltage and re-route electricity to main feeder lines, or circuits, that take power into the community. Each feeder line is protected by a circuit breaker.
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    Lateral lines connected to main feeder lines route electricity through smaller areas like neighborhoods and subdivisions.
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    Nearing the end of the line, transformers on individual poles reduce voltage and distribute electricity to homes and businesses. Typically, one transformer services about four homes.
  • 5
    The electric connection at your house or business is the last stop for electricity.

Getting Started

OUC's electric transmission distribution system is made up of many components that work together to deliver power to your home or business. Use the slider at the bottom or click the interactive points to learn the role each part of this system plays in the power distribution process. Close this box to continue.