Discover How Water is Treated

Step 1

From the Ground

Step 2

At the Plant

Step 3

To the Customer

  • Step 1
    • Well pumps at OUC’s water treatment plants draw water from the Lower Floridan Aquifer.
    • The aquifer is fed by rainwater that is filtered through hundreds of feet of rock, undergoing a natural cleansing process.
    • The Upper Floridan Aquifer is a highly permeable and yields sufficient water supplies for most users.
    • The Lower Floridan Aquifer is a natural underground reservoir that in many places is a quarter of a mile below the earth’s surface.
    • After pumping water from the Aquifer to our water plants, it is treated to ensure safety and enhance its quality.
    • To treat the water, OUC uses ozone (O₃), a strong disinfectant generated by medical grade oxygen through a high voltage electric discharge.
    • After ozone treatment, a small amount of chlorine and fluoride are added to the water to meet health requirements.
    • Finished water is stored in below ground reservoirs before it is pumped to customers.
    Step 2
    • OUC provides water to industrial customers, such as theme parks and bottling companies, and commercial and residential customers.
    • To ensure water quality on its way to your home or business, OUC samples and tests the water at nearly 200 service points across a 200-square mile service territory. OUC’s state certified Water Quality Lab conducts more than 20,000 chemical and bacteriological water quality tests each year.
    Step 3

Getting Started

Discover how OUC delivers high-quality, great-tasting water to your tap. Navigate through the water treatment process and click the interactive points to learn more about each step.